London Computation Club

The London Computation Club is a meet-up for people interested in one or more of the following:

We organise the club via Slack so please join us there. Everyone is welcome to suggest a meeting topic, be it to learn about algorithms by playing with trains, showcase a side-project for solving complex problems or create an unbeatable noughts and crosses playing computer program together.

You can also follow us on Twitter, see code that we’ve produced on GitHub and write-ups of past meetings on our wiki.

Future meetings

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Code of Conduct

It’s of primary importance that everyone who wants to participate feels safe and welcome. When participating in the London Computation Club, either online or offline, at the meeting itself or at the pub afterwards, we expect you to respect our code of conduct.

Literature we’re reading

Literature we’ve read

If you buy any books using the Blackwell's links, London Computation Club gets a little kickback via the Blackwell's affiliate programme. We use that kickback to buy copies of the books for our library, to assist members or potential members who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the book.

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Thanks to the following companies for providing office space and copies of books for the club to read.

Past meetings